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Mayor of Chikara: "Mayor Mandy's home tour:" Basement - laundry room ""

Mayor of Chikara: "Mayor Mandy's home tour:" Basement – laundry room ""

mayor-of-chikara: "Mayor Mandy's Home Tour:" Basement – Laundry Room "" Mayor of Chikara: "Mayor Mandy's Home Tour:" Basement – Laundry Room "" The post mayor of Chikara: "Mayor Mandy's home tour:" Basement – Laundry Room " "first appeared on Rose Dickson.

Game name: BOH
Developer: Simone Bevilacqua
Cost: (Euro) 12.5
Release Date: Out now!

BOH is an older school adventure game where you have to overcome a series of mazes to find and stop Evil Masters!

Well, yes it is all good and good but the fact is that it is no different because of history. It's also not because it's a top-down corridor game where you have to find the keys and cross the right path at each level while defending yourself against the enemy things.

No, this is different for other distinct reasons. First, let's talk about the distribution methodology. It's only a boxed version, which is an interesting feature from the developer. It is uncommon for an independent developer to offer a boxed version at all, even less, making it the only distribution method. It's a pretty smart looking box / manual / disc too, and at least you never have to worry about removing the files from your machine by mistake. Just, um, lose the CD? Anyway, this in itself makes BOH interesting but what made it stand out to me was the visual.

That's the first thing you'll notice when you try the demo. The illumination of the game leads to something quite claustrophobic at times, but generally unique to many other games. The light from your virtual torch reveals only a small part of the level of development. In some cases, it can really increase the severity of what might have been a breeze in the past, but it adds an atmosphere that would also have been lacking in the past.

However, this is not all good news. I'm not much of a fan of the standard music. It is still quite limited but does not really fit the style of the game. Fortunately, you can change the "theme" of the game to one of four styles - I would recommend the C64 style! This music was much more on my street and matched the game perfectly.

The 360-degree movement rotates the entire level around you. This is both good and bad, it is quite logical in a sense, but it actually made it difficult for me to remember where I was! Although you can pick up a map that helps here.

My biggest gripe, though, is that some levels require you to go through them accurately, and that is quite unforgivable. There are places where you can accidentally go through a one-way door and end up having to restart the level.

But even with that, BOH has a lot of charm to it. Once you have grasped the level elements and are a little more careful about running through each door you pass, it becomes much more fun.

Review by Andy Yates

Rating: 68 out of 100

Final word: Pretty good old-school fun!